Lifestyle Entrepreneurial

Focused on horses, freedom, healthcare, e-commerce and entertainment.


Born in India and adopted at 18 months from the Orphanage of Mother Teresa in Mumbai and raised by a Swiss family in the beautiful City of Bernese Overland in Switzerland. I grew up with active parents who loved to be outdoors spending weekends at the lake, hiking, appreciating nature, and traveling throughout Europe. My father was a public official as a factory and environmental inspector for the city with a glacier trekking, mountaineering hobby and my mother a retired saleswoman and a busy housewife.

I completed my studies in Switzerland in healthcare and business holding 3 degrees; a certified nursing caregiver, diploma as a medical secretary, and Swiss Federal Diploma in business. Including a horse riding Brevet in English riding.

Prior to finding my true life's passion I held many roles in healthcare which provided me with the foundation as a caring, giving, and healing individual, I want to give back, support, and drive others to aspire to their life's dreams and live the life they love. These experiences at early age left an imprint that have created my passion today as a lifestyle entrepreneur, 
focused on horses, freedom, healthcare, e-commerce and entertainment.

I have lived in many different countries in Europe, India, Caribbean and the U.S. and traveled to many other places; as I am inspired by meeting people from around the world and learning about new cultures. Having a global view of the world has helped me positively evolve my perspective on life.


My aspirations are; expanding my interests and range regarding horses, healthcare, ecommerce, acting and modeling opportunities and living a fulfilled life.

I have experience from playing several different roles in a variety of projects on Swiss TV and cinema such as Moneygirl on Deal or No Deal and background acting in screen movies. I also have done extensive photo modeling and as well as runway. I could see myself in a  western or country movie with horses, (love anything with horses), historical stories, as well in a dramatic crime series as an attorney.


My passion and intensity for horses has become my spiritual calling and my long term goal. Early in my childhood while volunteering at a stable near my home a lifelong connection was made with horses. In my leisure time I`ve been riding and caring for horses for more than 15 years and will continue to do so for the rest of my life....till I can't ride no more. 🐴🤠🐎

Horse Riding, Gym & Spa, Reading Books, Hiking, Cycling, Swimming, Worldtraveling, KravMaga, Yoga, Movie Theater, Healthy Lifestyle and Experience Life.



Horse Volunteer

Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Selfmade E-Commerce Manager
  Swiss Federal Diploma in Business

  Dipl. Medical Secretary

  Certified Caregiver

Model & VIP Hostess


  Fashion & Commercial Model

 CH-India Screen Movie, Background Actor

  Formula1 Grid-Girl, Force India, A.Sutil

Grid Girl Superstar-Serie, Germany

  Boxing (Arthur Abraham) Number Girl, BL

USA Wrestling, Number Girl, ZH

 Swiss TV, Deal or No Deal, Money-Girl SRF

  Swiss Maxim-Model, Hot100 List

  Promotion Hostess, Mercedes Interlaken

Event Fashionshows all Switzerland



  Swiss-Indian Cinemovie:

Tandoori Love

   with Bollywood actor Vijay Raaz

  Swiss TV Movie: Unser Kind SRF

  Maxim Switzerland (Top 100 List)

  Swiss Railyway SBB Street Billboard

  Swiss Bus Advertisement - Saas Fee

  Car Tuning & Furniture Magazine

  National Swiss Bathroom Calendar


  Bachelor 3+

  Deal or No Deal Moneygirl SRF

 Fashion Model, Aeschbacher SF1

  F1 Force India A.Sutil, Hockenheimring, Germany

  Superstar Serie Italy, Hockenheimring, Germany


  Arthur Abraham WM boxing fight, Basel

Adel Abdel Latif WM Kickboxing, Zurich


  WWE Smackdown America, Zurich 



Trucker & Country Festival, Interlaken

Cowgirl Hostess for Mercedes
div. Brands..



 Mariage Fashion, Sport Fashion,

  Lingerie  & Swimsuit, Casual Fashion

  div. Brands, Interlaken, Bern, Basel, Zurich, Zug...

Switzerland, Los Angeles, Mumbai


Swiss (BE & AG)